Propeller Repair & Refurbishing
We repair everything from high performance and custom pontoon props to fishing boat props.
Propeller straightening utilizing our own proprietary machine.
Hydraulic actuators perform precision corrections with greater accuracy.
Precise measuring of props using our proprietary Prop Eye laser scanning technology.
Prop Eye software displays 3D topography and precise data analysis.
We can assure the highest accuracy in precision adjustment of a prop for maximum performance.
We can handle inboard props up to 60 inches in diameter.
We work with all compositions:  stainless, aluminum, bronze, NIBRL and more.
We have props shipped in and out daily.

Utilizing our Prop Straightener Machine and the Prop Eye laser scanner, we offer the most accurate repair with the quickest turnaround times of anyone in the business.  We can rebuild the most damaged props to like new condition and insure props are returned to factory specifications.
Prop Staightener
Prop Eye
Laser Accuracy
Refinishing to Perfection

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